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About gslightled

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About gslightled
GS LIGHT was founded in 2009, we know the quality are most important than everything, at the beginning of the company, we decided to produce the best quality LED Lighting products.
We are a young company, but with great production control system, quality control system, supplier chain and strong capital support. We are special familiar with industry lighting products, our first products LED tube lights till now already 10 years, but still regular working at our Dutch customer workshop.
Now, we own and share 3 LED lighting factories with all kinds of production and testing equipment, more than 300 employees, including 35 engineers and 18 QC Staffs, who have very rich experience in LED industrial lighting.
We have more than 15000 square meters with 10 production lines included 5 semi-automatic production lines, Our main products line including:
LED Tube lights, LED High bay lights, LED Panel Lights, LED Flood lights, LED Street Lights , LED Linear lights, LED Tri Proof lights, LED Stadium lights.

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