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11-07-14, 10:08 PM
FB Content Pro (http://fbcontentproreviews.wordpress.com/) is essentially writing and distributing short articles to a variety of outlets, including article repositories, which are also called article directories and article banks, forums, and newsletter publishers. Article marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing that one can do – it is also one of the least expensive ways to market a business. In fact, it can even be free, costing you nothing more than your time.
There are many benefits to article marketing. Because articles become viral, your message literally travels far and wide, increasing traffic to your website and increasing newsletter signups. Article marketing is also used to make sales and to build credibility. Anyone who wants to establish themselves as an expert in their niche should take advantage of all that article marketing has to offer. Here is how it works. Let’s say that you are in the weight loss niche, and you sell various weight loss products, whether they are your own products or products of which you are an affiliate. You write a weight loss article, preferably one that is closely related to one of your
products – but you don’t want to necessarily advertise the product in the article.
Instead, you want to address a problem that the product can help to solve in your article – without mentioning the product. For instance, if you sell a cellulite cream, you can write an article about what cellulite is, what causes it, and the various methods used to get rid of it. The article should be no more than 750 words, and have a compelling title.Once you have written your article, ensured that you have made all of
the points that you wanted to make, and checked the article for
spelling and grammar mistakes, you are ready to distribute it.
Distributing an article can be a very time consuming task. Many people
outsource this work, and pay a fee for someone else to do the
distribution work. Others do it themselves using software that
automates the process. You should note, however, that a large
number of the best article repositories do not allow or approve articles
that are auto submitted – and they can tell when this is done. Manual
submissions – whether done by you or someone else – is always best.
The article is distributed to the article repositories first. There are
hundreds of these in existence, and some are better than others. For
these repositories, you will need your article, the title, possibly a sub
title, your author’s resource box, your website Url, your email address,
a short description of your article, and a list of keywords, separated by
commas, for your article.
Essentially, you visit each article repository, either sign up for a new
account or log in, and copy and paste all of the information into a form
that is provided for article submissions. Most article repositories have a
manual approval process, so it may take a week or more before your
article appears on their website.
Once you have submitted to the article repositories, you will want to
distribute your article to ezine publishers that cover topics within your
niche. You can build your own database of these publishers. You find
them by visiting the ezine directories

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